Reflecting on resolutions

Originally published in my January 2018 CodeWord Communications newsletter

Is it too late for a last post about new year’s resolutions? Possibly, but not for reflections on articles about resolutions.

Believe me, there have been many, and I should know. I’m a bit of a resolution junkie. Even the shameful number of resolution-related links in this newsletter is only a fraction of the articles I’ve filled up on since January 1st.

I like resolutions so much that I tend to make them on my birthday (in June, nicely spaced at mid-year) and in September (when the start of a school year makes us feel renewal no matter our age).

Revisiting resolutions

Or rather, I tend to revisit my resolutions, and I think that’s the key. I like resolutions because I think of them as reminders, re-setters, times to check in with ourselves to see if things are going right.

I’ve read that a key to success in accomplishing goals is the resilience to reset quickly;¬†for example, if you crash off your diet to get back on track tomorrow or Monday, rather than next month. Checking in more often allows us to pivot or think of new strategies when our approach hasn’t yielded the results we expected.


I’m particularly interested to see more articles about anti-resolution lists, which of course are just resolutions in a different light: ending bad habits rather than trying to take on new challenges. I think this also emphasizes the benefits of letting go rather than continuing to pursue something that’s not working.

So I’ll keep making resolutions, or rather checking in and adjusting. And occasionally celebrating when one of my vows gets struck from the list entirely.