Welcome to my writing portfolio. Some of these links, especially written for organizations such as colleges and universities, are duplicated at my CodeWord Communications website by client. Here I’ve grouped articles by writing type and topic:

Most recent

Feature writing

Features are my favourites! Here are some samples:


I like finding out about people’s interesting life paths. Here are some profiles:



From my early experience as online editor at the former weekly Saturday Night magazine to later gigs as editor of the bi-monthly trade magazine Information Highways, I have handled a range of editing projects:

By topic: Higher education

I’m a regular contributor to University Affairs, a publication distributed to institutions across Canada, and I regularly write for alumni and research magazines. Here are a selection of those articles:



Historical Articles

Research articles:

Older education articles:

By topic: Careers

I write regularly about workplace issues for the Globe and Mail Careers section. I have also contributed to HR Professional magazine. Here are some sample links:

By topic: Business

I’ve always been inspired by entrepreneurship, and running a freelance business has made me appreciate the challenges even more. Here are some articles I’ve written about business:

By topic: Technology

Technology was my first specialty that I developed as a freelancer. While I’ve expanded my specialties, they often still intersect with technology. Here are a few examples:

By topic: Books

I love to read. Here are some reviews I’ve written:

By topic: Travel

I love to travel, and jump at the opportunity to write about my trips. Here are some links to past travel stories and trip blogs:

By genre: Trade and Association

I have written for trade publications and custom publishers. Here are some samples:


Through my copywriting business, I’ve created on corporate content from brochures to press releases to direct mail campaigns to annual reports. Please visit CodeWord Communications to see some samples.