Newsletter reflections

newsletterI’ve written a newsletter for over two years now, and it’s been a good experience for several reasons. At the top, it’s a great way to keep in touch with valuable clients and prospects.

Since my newsletter is focused on writing and marketing tips, it’s also been a good motivator to keep my eye out for interesting content in that vein. Yet another bonus after a few months is that it’s become a personal repository of the best such articles, and I often find myself looking through my archives to forward one of the links I included to a friend or colleague after the fact.

I was inspired to start my own newsletter after reading Ann Friedman’s . The success she’s found with her newsletter is no secret, with over 25,000 followers. Seeing how much work she puts into it (and also her vast output as a writer) is inspiring. While I’m not aiming at this point to make my newsletter the centre of my business, go weekly (!), or sell ads, it’s interesting to watch Ann’s trajectory doing just those things.

I also think it’s interesting that the newsletter has been having a bit of a moment lately, with many organizations and even individuals choosing it as their main promotional vehicle.