Great book: Stephen King’s On Writing

Stephen King's On WritingI not only recommend this book but I hear it recommended all the time: Stephen King’s On Writing.

Full disclosure that I was a huge Stephen King reader in high school so read almost everything he wrote until about 1995 when I graduated from high school, and frankly, from King.

Although my teenaged self still has a soft spot for King, my adult self is curious to reread a couple of titles to see how I feel about him now, and I also have a lot of respect for his writerly success and the fact that he seems like a cool guy, judging from Twitter.

On Writing is great for several reasons. First, the structure of the book is both a memoir about his recovery from a terrible car accident that almost ended King’s writing career, mixed in with his tips on writing and notes about how he structures his day.

I like the down-to-earth tone, and the approachable nature of the advice which makes clear that writing is more than anything just a lot of hard work, butt in seat time. The book is also short enough that it is handy for pulling out when in need of a refresher, reminder, or inspiration. I try to take it down off the shelf annually to get just that.