Fitting creative writing in

In addition to freelance writing and editing for pay, I also write fiction. I hope to sell these works at some point, but recognize that they will not be as immediately lucrative.

I have published one book of poetry, and am currently finishing a collection of short stories. I have some other projects on the go, including a screenplay and a novel. I never start creative projects frivolously, but my goal is to finish more of them. Many have been close to completion for a while.

The trouble is, sometimes at the end of a work day I don’t feel like doing more writing (there I said it).

So, what is the secret? Many writers try to fit these projects in before dawn, something I’ve tried before but find hard to keep up consistently daily. Apparently, Anthony Trollope, the very prolific nineteenth century British author, wrote something like 3000 words a day.

Closer to home and time, I have also read that one of my favourite authors, Richard Wright (best known for his novel Clara Callan) gets up 2 hours before his job as an English teacher at Ridley College to write. That’s early.

My current way of fitting fiction in has been to devote a weekend day here and there to it, but I’m looking for new ways to make it an even regular commitment. Not particularly a morning person, but from what I’ve read it’s the way to go. Cut out some late-night TV in favour of some early morning stories. Sounds worthwhile if only I can make the leap.