Suzanne Bowness
Suzanne Bowness

See that coffee in my banner image? That’s for you. Imagine that I’ve invited you over to talk about writing, possibly my favourite subject. The laptop beside it is mine – we’re never too far apart. And this is where my writing lives, well, part of it anyway.

I am a writer/editor with over 17 years of experience writing everything from feature articles to web content to profiles, and editing everything from annual reports to magazines. I am a strong generalist, with a handful of specialties that include higher education, careers, business, technology, and books. Visit my portfolio to check out my latest work.

I also work with organizations to create story-driven marketing materials, or as I like to call them, “words first” communications. My writing services include blogs, email newsletters, news releases, web stories, brochures, and more. Visit my website CodeWord Communications to find out more.

If you’re looking for a writer for your next feature assignment or to discuss any other project, please contact me. And if you’re free, I’d love to buy you a real coffee and talk about projects in person.